How to Stay Fit at Your Desk Job

To many people the thought of someone who sits behind a desk all day coming home with a sore back or aching neck is laughable. To those of us that actually experience it, not so much. What they fail to understand is that it is not overexertion or muscle fatigue that is the problem. The real problem lays in us not using our muscles which then leads to stiff joints and aching muscles. Here are some practices I have found that help me make it through the day without these annoyances 



Woman Walking on Brown Stair


1. Take The Stairs

This little practice that we may find inconvenient in other parts of our life can really go a long way in keeping you active throughout the day. Not only is stair climbing great for your heart and waistline but also a very green option too because it uses no energy but your own.

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2. Stretching

It may seem very simple but can do wonders for your body. It can increase blood flow, energy, and also relieve you from stress. The best part is it can all be done without leaving your workspace. A quick google search will reveal thousands of different stretches all tailored for the office. I heavily recommend finding one that pinpoints your problematic areas and starting there.

photo3. Standing Desk

A height-adjustable desk may not be an option for everyone, but if possible, you should definitely give it a try. These desks now come in a variety of models for all types of budgets. Some of them being made to sit on top of an existing desk so getting them into your workspace is easier than ever. This option has worked wonders for a few of my close friends and myself.

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4. Fitness Tracker

Whether it is an app on your phone or a wearable device, these can be great tools for keeping you active. For me just seeing my level of activeness (or inactiveness) was a real eye-opener. I find it very helpful having a subtle reminder go off letting me know to move a little each hour to help me reach my daily goal of activeness.

5. Sit on an Exercise Ball

Trading your chair for an exercise ball may seem silly at first. I promise though once you try it, it will be worth all the sideways glances and comments you may receive from your coworkers. By using an exercise ball all day you are constantly firing off your core muscle. This not only leads to a stronger core but to a pretty decent amount of calories being burned every day. It can also be very beneficial to your posture which for many people is the root of their aches and pains.

Man at the office drinking lemon water6. Staying Hydrated

Okay, so I know this one isn’t really “staying active.” We all know how important this is and as far as things you to do to feel well this should be on everyone’s list. Plus think of all those extra steps to the bathroom.

Making a few of these adjustments have worked wonders for me and I hope you can take away some tips that work for you as well.




Best Cities for VIP Partying

People Dancing Inside Building

Whether it’s a regular thing or just for special occasions, we all like to feel like a big shot and get some extra attention from time to time. There is just something special about a rope getting lifted or a mysterious door opened and getting let into your own exclusive area in an otherwise packed club or party. The best part for me is getting to have your party in a great scene with the best music and not having to deal with anyone other than who you and your friends chose to be there. Of course skipping the queue, personal waitresses, included booze and all the other perks don’t hurt either. Here is a list of some of the absolute best places in the world to get a proper VIP club experience. I tried to include a few places from all major regions. So no matter where in the world you are, you can still take a weekend trip to one of these hotspots.  We are not going to go over prices because if you need to know how much it is, then it’s probably too much.


If you like the thought of dancing all night with a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean sea, then Barcelona may be for you. Not only is Barcelona one of the most beautiful and welcoming cities in Europe but it also boasts one of the best nightlife scenes in the world. Be prepared for a late night as the clubs usually do not get going till 1 or 2 in the morning and easily last until at least sunrise. That, of course, leaves you plenty of time for some pre-drinks while sampling some of Barcelona’s famous Tapas.


Israel may not be the first place to come to mind when you think of nightlife destinations, but there is a good reason why the locals have the saying “Tel Aviv plays while Jerusalem prays.” With the outrageous afterparty scene, the only thing stopping you from keeping the party going all weekend is you.


There is not much you can say about this wild city to prepare someone for what goes on in Bangkok. It is by far one of the craziest cities in the world. There is something for everyone here from world-class DJs spinning EDM to laid back hip hop clubs.  Make sure to check out some rooftop bars for pre-drinks to get your Hangover experience started off right.

Buenos Aires

Dress to impress and don’t even think of showing up before 1 A.M. unless you prefer to dance alone. Buenos Aires has one of the most eclectic nightlife scenes in the world. From the glamorous costumes and European style architecture, this city is dripping with style.

Las Vegas

You can not make a VIP nightlife list and leave this city off. There are a million reasons why Sin City should be at the top of your list for an exclusive weekend trip. One of the best parties going in the world is happening every single night there, no matter the hour it is happening. From daytime pool parties to dancing all night, Vegas has something for everyone. Visiting one of the worlds ultimate nightlife destinations does come at a cost, so unless you are ready to lay down some serious cash be prepared to feel like a small fish in a big pond.

Are Bitcoin and Blockchain here to stay?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in general, has been a popular topic in the last few years. While it has cooled off a bit since the mind-blowing bull run a little over a year ago. There is no doubt that it has sparked significant interest in the general public. The idea of being able to exchange a digital asset or currency through a secure financial transaction using cryptography all while being person to person with no need for a middle man like banks or credit card processors, too many is a very appealing idea. It really makes sense that a generation that has handled most aspects of their life digitally would look to see money in a digital form also.

However, some governments have seen this as a threat to their country’s economic structure as there as there is very little regulation implemented as of now. So instead of embracing it and learning to understand cryptocurrency, it was deemed as an economic and financial evil. With ties to money laundering, terrorism, and other organized criminal activity. Another issue that has arisen is how to tax it. It is challenging to decide in which category the digital currency falls for taxation purposes and some coins are hard to trace. Many countries, including India, Pakistan, China, and others have banned cryptocurrency and deemed it illegal due to these reasons. While other countries such as U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Malta, and many others are trying to become more crypto friendly to help incubate innovation that can come from the underlying blockchain technology.

Even with all the perceived risks big business and large corporations are already starting to dive in. From large brick and mortar stores like Walmart to online retailers, it seems everyone is getting excited about this new technology. Even just this week the elite automakers Jaguar and Land Rover have announced their plans to develop a crypto reward program for drivers who choose to share their data. IBM is another big name that has already joined the crypto frenzy. They have not announced any intentions to develop their own coin yet, but they are working with a well-known cryptocurrency and are helping bridge the gap between large businesses and blockchains.

You can now even securely buy and trade from your smartphone. With payment processor Square now offering Bitcoin on their Cash App and Robinhood offering simplified trading for any budget on theirs, it is far easier to buy or spend your cryptocurrency than ever.

With tech giants like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk showing interest and respect for the technology and so many large corporations getting on board, it is becoming very apparent that cryptocurrency and blockchain are here to stay. I think the next decade is going to be a fascinating time for Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain and look forward to  the groundbreaking innovations and distrupting technology that will come of it. By no means am I saying mortgage the house and go “all in” but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on. However, If you do plan investing or trading, please do a lot more research then this simple overview.

Best Apps To Help You Stick to Your Budget and Save Money

Budgeting your money can be a very tricky thing to do. We all have that friend who without making any more money then us always seems to have the cash for those big purchases or lavish vacations. We also have that friend who is broke halfway to payday and continuously needs a little help just to make it to their next check. The main difference between these two friends is the ability to budget well. For some of us, this skill comes more naturally than others, but I have a feeling that if you were more like the first friend you probably would not be reading this post. No reason to worry though. Because in this post we are going to go over a few ways we can use modern technology to help us budget and save our way into a more comfortable lifestyle.

1.Mint (US and Canada only)

From the creators of Turbo Tax, we have Mint. Mint is more than just your typical budget tracker. It is what I would call financial management. With the ability to synchronize your bank account, credit cards and bills, keeping up with your fiscal “big picture” has never been so easy. They also have both desktop and mobile apps to help you stay up to date from anywhere. One of my favorite features is the credit tracking. Not only do they let you know your credit but they teach you about how your score is calculated and give you tips on how to improve it. With all these great features and the security that comes from such a well-known company like Turbo Tax, it is tough to believe that it is 100% free.

2. Personal Capital

Would you like to have a financial adviser but it’s not in the budget? Well with Personal Capital you can now have one with you wherever you are. This app is very similar to Mint, with the most significant feature to set them apart being investment tracking and access to certified financial advisors. Another fun feature is the ability to connect to your android wear devices and check your top gainers or losers. Personel Capital may be a better fit for you if you are looking to make some longer-term investment or like the sound of one on one advise(at a cost).

Image result for personal capital app

3. Prism

For those of you who like to have everything in one place. The thing that really sets Prism apart is the ability to pay all your bills in one place. With over 11k billers listed, it is no wonder they have already helped their users pay 1 billion dollars worth of bills. They also have many other great features to help you budget and track your spending. 

4. Acorns

If you are looking to start investing long term but are a little overwhelmed on where to begin definitely give Acorn a try. This app is not a tracker like the others we have looked at. Acorns is a simple stress-free way to make investments of any size. They are best known for their “Round-Ups” program that takes the change from your debit card purchases and invests it where you see fit. If you are not sure where to put it, you can give one of their diversified smart portfolios a try. Just remember like most investments these are not a “sure thing” and it is possible to lose too.

With all the great tools available today, it is tough to come up with a good excuse for not a solid financial plan. So give one of these great apps a shot and see how quickly you gain some financial stability.